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Fan v. Stalker

 I enjoy movies.  I get a thrill when I see a movie star. However, this obsessive tracking of Robert and Kristen is alarming.  These people call themselves fans but IMO they are just stalkers.  Observe:

Attend movie premieres 
Go to public appearances
Are in talk show audiences
 Wait outside talk shows/performances
 Request a picture
Request an autograph
Ask for a hug/handshake
Are excited just by being around the performer
Look forward to all of performer's films
Respect performer's private life
Respect's security boundaries
  Visits performer's filmset since fan lives nearby

Sneak onto movie sets
Chase down every Twitter sighting
Tweet all twitter sightings
Travel on location to performer's set
 Chase down performer's friends/family
Take pictures without performer's permission
 Get physical with performer without permission
Get angry at performer
Trespass on private property

Hmmmm....take a minute to think about your relationship to your favorite start.  Which category are you?
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Welcome to the Darkside

 Like many moviegoers in 2008, I became interested in Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart.  As the years have gone on I've been impressed by the choices they have made, the people they are and found that while I liked them together I also liked them apart (film wise).  Offscreen, watching them fall in love has been exciting.  

And apparently controversial.   Having lurked for a while through various fandoms, I can't remember a case where two people have been so vilified.  Or when fans have turned upon each other with such viciousness.   Perhaps all this new social media makes people think that we are all closer to each other than we are. 

It takes too much energy to hate.  Like my mother always said, If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say Don't Say it!  Really!  
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So Let's Talk Twilight...

...admittedly not the most highbrow of works (but certainly not the lowest).  Let's be honest, Stephanie Meyer's writing is horrible.  At least 75% of each book examines how beautiful Edward is and how Bella thinks she isn't good enough for his love.

So why the love? The obsession? 

I think its the idea of romantic love.  Historically, this theme has inspired timeless tales such as King Arthur, Romeo/Juliet, Paris/Helen etc.  I'm not going to go into a whole didactic history of romantic love but Meyer hit upon a universal emotion.

For me, my love began with the movies.   Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson owned it.   Their chemistry is what drew me to the books.  And I know I am not alone because several of my friends felt the same way.  
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Focus I am finding the world of social media to be quite daunting.  I think I'll focus on LJ for a bit, people here seem really nice.  At least the responses I got to my comments have been quite thoughtful.
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I'm trying to manage twitter, LJ, blogspot and (oh yeah) RL.  Should be interesting!  See everyone around.